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75 Oysters - 3 Variety
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50 Oysters - 2 Variety

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Lobster Roll Kit

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We have a genuine goal of stabilizing & lifting the price per oyster paid to the individual oyster farmer.  The supply & fame of the Maine oyster is growing.  We try to work in innovative and #always collaborative ways to create new channels & pipelines for getting Maine oysters outside of Maine in a way that maintains individual brand integrity.
We offer take out oysters in Portland Maine from our oyster bar along with shipped Maine oysters for sale  direct from the Maine oyster farmers.  Search the famous Damariscotta River Oyster region or  up and coming regions including  Casco Bay or oysters from the New Meadows River.  Our Maine oysters are shipped overnight from large farms including Pemaquid oysters & Moondancers to smaller and boutique farms including Merritt Island & Love Point. Mid sized farms to try include Wolfe NeckEros Oysters.  We look forward to sending you shipped overnight Maine oysters in 2021!

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The Potential Impact of Zinc Supplementation on COVID-19 Pathogenesis National Center for Biotechnology Information - NCBI

July 2020 research explores new therapeutic options against viral diseases. Criteria used when exploring for new options include, cost-effective, widely available, simple application, and safe choice. Zinc is found to satisfy all the above criteria and have very few potential side effects. The research finds that zinc administration is beneficial for most of the population.

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Eros Oyster The Briny Babe

Jacqueline from The Briny Babe blog gives a thorough review of the Eros Oyster.

Emily's Oysters - Kelly Park Kelli Park

Emily Selinger tells Kelli Park about "Her mission to change the way we look at oysters, one farm-share at a time."

The Plot Thickens - Maine Women Magazine Maine Women Magazine

Maine Women Magazine interviews Emily Selinger and tells her story and how her oyster farm came to be what it is today.

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Maine Oysters -- Lobster Rolls

With a commitment to traceabilitiy and transparency we source our fresh Maine oysters and lobster meat direct from the farmers and lobstermen. We also offer soup, hot dogs, lobster dogs and more

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A robust & rotating selection of fresh Maine craft beers, refreshing prosecco on draft & a thoughtful selection of wines to choose from!

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