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The Maine Oyster Company

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Welcome to our community & company built around a passion to sustain & share the Maine Oyster & our state's "The Way of Life Should Be" mentality & lifestyle!

Bivalve Bowl I

May the Best Shell Win
On Tuesday, Feb 2nd @ 6:00, in front of millions of half shucked half shells an epic battle ensued between Damariscotta/Mid Coast and  Casco Bay/New Meadows. Think #budbowl for oysters! 

Oyster Bar Portland Maine

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Shucking Class

We offer take out oysters in Portland Maine from our oyster bar along with shipped Maine oysters for sale  direct from the Maine oyster farmers.  Search the famous Damariscotta River Oyster region or  up and coming regions including  Casco Bay or oysters from the New Meadows River.  Our Maine oysters are shipped overnight from large farms including Pemaquid oysters & Moondancers to smaller and boutique farms including Merritt Island & Love Point. Mid sized farms to try include Wolfe NeckEros Oysters.  We look forward to sending you shipped overnight Maine oysters in 2021!

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Oyster Bar, Portland ME


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Vision & Mission

The Maine oyster farmer forms our foundation whilst our vision & mission help build our business & guide our way! 

Our Oyster Farmers

"A rising tide raises all shells mentality"
We have a genuine goal of stabilizing & lifting the price per oyster paid to the individual oyster farmer. The supply of oysters in Maine is growing rapidly & we are working to find and create new channels/pipelines for getting our oysters outside of Maine in a way that maintains individual brand integrity and grows our collective goal of sharing Maine oyster love.


Unique oyster experiences, oyers, farm tours & more

Welcome to Basecamp! This is where it all began in many ways.  Home to our farm, our distro operations, shucking classes and more.

Maine Oyster & Aquaculture News

ME Industry & Local Updates
Oyster Firm Launches Pair of Shellfish Processing Machines The Fish Site

New innovations in the world of oyster tumbling- the industry is growing and changing in exciting ways!

Sustainable Seafood: why you should give a shuck about oysters The Gaurdian

A quick overview of what oysters are doing for our oceans, plus, a fresh summer ceviche recipe!

Why the stage should be set for US aquaculture growth

A brief and interesting overview of the potential, and benefits, of aquaculture in the United States from Dr Paul Doremus, NOAA’s lead for seafood production and aquaculture.

15 Facts About Oysters and the Need to Protect Them The Pew Charitable Trusts

"Healthy populations buffer coastlines, boost economies, and benefit marine life"-- Oysters are more than a meal. Learn briefly about their biology, and the important roles they play in marine ecosystems.

Maine Oyster Farm Tackles Climate Change The Associate Press

Maine oysters are more than just delicious-- they're saving the world. Watch this short video to see how local oyster farmers are protecting our oceans through sustainable farming and bi-valve filtration.

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Maine Oysters -- Lobster Rolls

With a commitment to traceabilitiy and transparency we source our fresh Maine oysters and lobster meat direct from the farmers and lobstermen. We also offer soup, hot dogs, lobster dogs and more

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Craft Beer • Wine• Prosseco

A robust & rotating selection of fresh Maine craft beers, refreshing prosecco on draft & a thoughtful selection of wines to choose from!

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