6 Lobster Rolls

"She's a Keepah"

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Enjoy 1 lb of fresh hand picked Maine lobster along with everything you need to create your own very own traditional Maine Lobster roll fest including: 

- 6 hot dog rolls & bags of chips
- 6 traditional red serving containers
- 1 lemon & 1 ramekin of Chef Todd's lemon/dill/mayo
- "How To" instructional sheet & video link

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You are doing an amazing job! Can't wait to try your selection! You have some special people in your teams. As an aside, we were down to our last 5 John's Rivers last night, so I went to Whole Foods to see what they had. Big mistake! You are spoiling us so badly (read outstanding!) that we could not even eat the "Happy" oysters.

Jeff & Sou Burke, VA