Lobster Roll Kit

Makes 6 Rolls

$160 $192

Price includes FREE overnight shipping

Enjoy 1 lb of fresh hand picked Maine lobster along with everything you need to create your own very own traditional Maine Lobster roll fest including: 

- 6 hot dog rolls & bags of chips
- 6 traditional red serving containers
- 1 lemon & 1 ramekin of Chef Todd's lemon/dill/mayo
- "How To" instructional sheet & video link
Did you know?
Oysters kept refrigerated (not frozen) will remain FRESH for 7 days after arrival!

Couldn't get better oysters anywhere. They're fresh and you can taste the difference between the oysters. Lobster rolls were fantastic as well. Service was impeccable. Make a reservation, some walk-in folks were turned away because the place was booked. Prices were reasonable.

Nick Queens, NY