The Maine Oyster Company

Building An Oyster Community Through Experience & Story

"A Rising Tide Raises all Shells Mentality!"

Be believe working together in collaboration and cooperation is the fastest (and most fun way for us all to  achieve our individual successes.   Our hope is to build an all inclusive oyster & aquaculture community that connects, farmers, oyster lovers, the state of Maine & our collective industry together under one bivalve awesome roof. We are committed to a business model of putting more rather than less in the pockets of the individual farmers. by buying directly from the individual farms

In the News

A Little Boom Shuck a Lucka Love #THANKYOU
Once a team member, always a team member.  We currently have an active core team of about 5, but as #life ebbs & flows so does #coremoc.  Meet us, join us, share with us & definitely come SHUCK WITH US!