The Maine Oyster Company

Building An Oyster Community Through Experience & Story

Our Vision & Mission

To build an all-inclusive oyster and aquaculture community, connecting farmers, slurpers, and the entire industry into one happy, thriving family. Our mission is to sell, shuck, slurp, and share Maine Oysters with people both inside and outside of Maine. For those of you who have been following our progress and supporting our journey thus far...thank you! For newcomers...welcome. By helping all farmers succeed and working together we hope to continue to grow, build and create together.

"A Rising Tide Raises all Shells Mentality!"

Our drive & passion comes from working to build a true community through shared experience. with all who are interested in being a part of our endeavor and would subscribe soundly to a "Rising Tide Raises all Shells Mentality!" we try to bring to all that we do.

In the News

A Little Boom Shuck a Lucka Love #THANKYOU

One of our initial "promo video" slurps!