Fish farmers fit right in at Jonesport “hotspot”

Ellsworth American

Fis farmers

Ellsworth American

Will RAS Revolutionise Aquaculture in Maine?

The Fish Site

While there has been some opposition to the recent rash of RAS plants being planned for Maine, proponents of the sector note the potentially huge economic benefits that they can bring to rural communities and the salmon farmers themselves believe that the technology and experience now available will make them financially viable.

For the Maine coast, 2019 was the year of the fish

Bangor Daily News

Maine Compass: Aquaculture benefits waterfront communities

Afton Hupper,

Innovation in the Blue Economy


Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy: Innovation in the Blue Economy What does innovation look like within Maine’s blue economy? Join us for our December EITBE session to hear how a cross section of entrepreneurs and organizations located statewide approach and apply innovation. Panelists will touch on the transformations occurring in well-established and fledgling industries as existing products and processes are improved upon and new opportunities are created. The results of these efforts

Uncertain future for seaweed?

State approves Mere Point Lease Site!

DMR Shellfish closuresStay on top of shellfish closures

Stay on top of where there may be closures due to bacterial or biotoxin blooms!

5 different species of oysters

Learn about the 5 primary species of oysters... all our oysters are American Oysters (Crassostrea Virginica)

Scottish shellfish survey

Why not learn about international shellfish and oysters?!?!

Florida Hurricane Decimates Budding Oyster Industry

An industry that was just getting going is severely damaged and almost destroyed

DMR Interactive Oyster Farm Map

Nice map from the Department of Marine Resources on all active farm locations in Maine!

10 Things You Probably Did Not Know About the Oyster

Nice article on general oyster knowledge

Teacher on Cranberry Isles shifts to oyster farming

A common story along the coast of Maine as oyster farming continues to grow!

GMRI Maine Shellfish Study

An in depth research report from the Gulf of Maine Research Institute giving an overview of the oyster industry both nationally and in Maine.. starts on page 14