Casco Bay Oysters

Home to over 365 islands aka "The Calendar Islands", Casco bay is one of the hottest new spots of oyster growth in the state of Maine.  Oysters grown in Casco Bay are characterized by a very briny start with a sweet finish.  Oyster farms in Casco Bay come in all shapes and sizes with larger, more established farms such a  Basket Island or Snow Island Oysters existing alongside boutique oysters farms such as Birch Island Oysters.  Many farms in Casco Bay have been put to bed for the winter, but a few select Maine oysters including Wolfe's Neck and Chebeague Island Oysters can still be purchased online and shipped fresh throughout the winter.  Check out our Maine oysters for sale page to learn more! 

Oyster Farmers in Casco Bay

Interactive Maine Oyster Farms Map

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