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Maine Oysters A La Carte

Working with over 30 oyster farmers in Maine we sell the largest variety of Maine oysters in the world

Maine Oysters Shipped

We are shipping our Maine oysters direct from the farms to your doorstep. As oyster growers ourselves we understand the importance of a fresh, high quality & delicious oyster. Working with over 20+ farms in many regions of the state we offer oyster for sale from the Damariscotta River , Casco Bay & fresh oysters shipped from the New Meadow River Farms

A Story to Tell

More than just a bag of oysters we are conveying Maine's "way life should be" mentality through the oyster. Sharing the individual passions and personalities of each oyster and their farmer we are creating a new and exciting community.

Our Why

We have a genuine goal of stabilizing & lifting the price per oyster paid to the individual oyster farmer. The supply of oysters in Maine is growing rapidly & we are working to find and create new channels/pipelines for getting our oysters outside of Maine in a way that maintains individual brand integrity and grows our collective goal of sharing Maine oyster love.

Fresh & Quality Assurance

We receive our oysters direct from the oyster farmers themselves. They are visually inspected and washed thoroughly. They are then re-chilled to 36 degrees and re-packaged in a custom fitted cardboard box/styrofoam container with adequate frozen gel packs to ensure they remain refrigerated throughout their entire shipping journey!