Buy Fresh Maine Oysters Online

We connect consumers directly with the oyster farmer providing fresh Maine Oysters for sale direct from the farms. Our price per oyster is around $2/oyster with shipping included!

Chef's Selection

25 Count

1 oyster variety

50 Count

2 oyster varieties

100 Count

2 oyster varieties

Alacarte Oyster Selection

Chebeague Island

Casco Bay

Segue from salt to sugar to watermelon

Snow Island

Quahog Bay

Full bodied, sweet & briny

Eider Cove

New Meadows River

Complex w/ a hint of sweetness

Cape Smalls

Casco Bay

Briny and beautiful

Currently working with over 20+ Maine oyster farms in the state, we can offer oysters for sale from a myriad of regions including the Damariscotta river, Casco Bay, Downeast, the New Meadows River and more

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