Maine Oysters Shipped Overnight

Working with 30+ farms to ship the freshest Maine oysters direct to your doorstep. As oyster farmers ourselves we understand the importance of a fresh, high quality & delicious Maine oyster for sale online. Use Promo Code mignonette at checkout for a free specialty mignonette with your order

I received 200 oysters, 50 from 4 different farms, for a christmas party and they were absolutely fabulous. Our guests raved and finished them very quickly. Fresh and well packed. Arrived on time. The price was fair. Not a bad one among them. I wouldn’t hesitate to order again. Thank you John.

Bruce Yardley, PA

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Our Maine oysters are shipped overnight direct from the farms

A Maine Oyster Story to Tell

More than just a bag of oysters we are conveying Maine's "way life should be" mentality through the oyster. Sharing the individual passions and personalities of each oyster and their farmer we are creating a new and exciting community.

We receive our oysters direct from the oyster farmers themselves. They are visually inspected and washed thoroughly. They are then re-chilled to 36 degrees and re-packaged in a custom fitted cardboard box/styrofoam container with adequate frozen gel packs to ensure they remain refrigerated throughout their entire shipping journey!

Our Why

We have a genuine goal of stabilizing & lifting the price per oyster paid to the individual oyster farmer. The supply of oysters in Maine is growing rapidly & we are working to find and create new channels/pipelines for getting our oysters outside of Maine in a way that maintains individual brand integrity and grows our collective goal of sharing Maine oyster love.