About Merritt Island

Merritt Island Oysters is positioned in cold, pristine, fast flowing waters that result in a delicious tide-tumbled oyster with a unique merroir. 

 Head Farmer Jordi's strong desire to spend most of his time on the ocean stems from his childhood. He spent his summers between Phippsburg, ME and Mystic CT, and his first jobs included teaching sailing lessons and heading up the waterfront at Sebasco Harbor Resort. At times working on the water has been his main source of income, whether it was delivering boats or captaining a windjammer under his 100 ton license. Since he started an "indoor desk job" he has been searching for a way to return to the water to pursue this passion. Oyster farming has been fulfilling this need, and he has thrown his heart into it.  

Katrina, Aislyn and Sylvan AKA The farmhands help with cleaning the oysters, culling, swimming while the oysters are being cleaned, doing the accounting, marketing and social media associated with the farm.

  • Size Medium
  • Method Floating Cage
  • Salinity Low
  • Sweetness Moderate
  • Texture Silky
  • Tastes
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