Shucking Kit

Oysters - Gloves - Shucking Knife Meet the Farmers

$193 $231

Price includes overnight priority shipping
Oysters remain FRESH for 10 days refrigerated

Enjoy fresh Maine oysters whilst learning how to shuck them! 

Kit Includes: 

  • # of oysters selected
  • 1 set of gloves & shucking knife
  • Custom travel cooler
  • How to Shuck Insert

The oysters were a huge hit! They didn't last past sundown! We had lobster rolls after that also a huge hit. Thank you for including the monk fish stew as a bonus! That's for tomorrow. Our Christmas Italian tradition is to celebrate the Feast of Seven Fishes. Just as it sounds, we have seven different kinds of fish/seafood usually on Christmas Eve. Your wonderful shipment made for three fabulous additions to the feast; 2 kinds of oysters and the monk fish stew. Our family was blown away by

Janet Winston-Salem, NC