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Meet Smokey & Team

Deep & meaty w/ a powerful brine.

Pemaquid Oyster Company, founded in 1986, has become a Maine Oyster staple and an oyster variety that has gathered fame throughout the United States. Operated by the fantastic Smokey McKeen, Pemaquid Oyster Company is located in the Damariscotta River Region, one of Maine's oldest and most renowned growing regions.

Pemaquid Oysters begin their growing cycle in the plankton rich waters of the Damariscotta River. Once a certain size, the oysters are bottom planted in leased growing beds and are harvested year round - they are some of the few oysters in Maine that start and end their growing process in different environments! Prior to distribution, Pemaquid Oysters are purged in custom wet storage containers where they develop their notably clean and refreshing slurp. 

Pemaquid Oysters can be enjoyed in a variety of our products shipped directly to your door. Always fresh, and sourced directly from Smokey and his team, a Pemaquid Oyster can now be delivered overnight and enjoyed anywhere in the country!

Pemaquid Oyster Farm