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Subtle sweetness with a rich, salty flavor

Nurtured in the rolling waters of pristine Mere Point, Maquoit & Middle Bays, these medium sized oysters present a crisp, dense meat with high salinity and a clean bright finish. From nursery to harvest, they are grown in these nutrient rich,  Casco Bay, bays where large tidal exchanges offer a diverse variety of phytoplankton for healthy growth, and colder waters for shell strength and excellent plump meats. Combined with multiple handling's in the tumbler and hand selection, Mere Points come to harvest with strong beautiful shell, durability, and a classic Maine brininess. Mere Point Oyster Co. is a family owned oyster farm focused on providing high quality Maine oysters using environmentally sustainable and restorative methods. Founded on over 100 years of local knowledge, Mere Point Oyster Farm is strategically located in one of Maine's few statewide ecologically significant areas. Oysters are a keystone species in the ocean, Mere Point Oyster Co. understands our important role in the ocean ecosystems and works with passion to provide the highest quality oysters to our customers, while working to maintain the quality of the coastal waters.

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