Maine Oysters By Farm

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We work with over 30+ oyster farms
“Crisp, Clean, Complex”
“Clean, white, consistent”
Bright and Briny from the cold waters of Casco Bay!
Leveraging science, trial and error, family, and the quick waters of the New Meadows to produce a quality Maine Oyster.
Packing a delightfully briny punch with a sweet finish
Family owned and operated, every Eros Oyster is fed an additional diet of love and passion.
Ferda Farms is in the center of the booming oyster industry, while striving to support sustainable agriculture in style!
A family farm dedicated to providing a quality product
Briny upfront, meaty body and clean, smooth finish.
Briny upfront, followed by a smooth umami flavor and a sweet finish
"Love is the Point" and with each sip of their delightful "merroir" you can taste and feel the caring cultivation!
Bottom finished in a historic region of Maine.
They come out quite sweet and salty. It's Impressive.
A family farm with a passion for elevating the sustainability of Maine fisheries.
A world famous oyster grown in the world famous Damariscotta Region.
France & finance to farm living & fun
A taste of Maine at home with a World Famous Maine Oyster!
Dedicated to preserving Quahog Bay in Harpswell, Maine.