MOC Core

Synergistic, Organic, Fate Driven 7 individuals brought together during a pandemic. Sharing emotions, challenges, success & life


Portland Maine
An artist, a creator, a collaborator & builder. Helping on all facets, even sewing our MOC Support bags. A rising sophmore at Tufts in Boston her mark is being left in powerful ways that are both seen and unseen.


Portland Maine
The "Yung Oyster Mogul" himself! When not scuba diving for oysters Nick is critically analyzing and building marketing strategies, creating content and pretty much doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Meet John

Chatham, NJ
With a passion for the ocean, a love of community and a desire to build lasting awesomeness, John, technically "from away", will continue to do his best to inspire, lead and share the life he has been given and the vision he has been creating.


Scarborough, Maine
In what began simply as pursuing a connection to work part-time at our raw-bar in Portland, my year and a half’s time working for Maine Oyster Company has evolved into a lifestyle and career that constantly excites and inspires me. With a background in biology and sustainable agriculture and past jobs having brought me all over the world, I am thrilled to be working on the Maine coast where I was born and raised. I have held many positions at MOC in our short history so far and although current passions are focused on expanding direct to consumer oyster sales and distribution, I also love shucking at private events, teaching our shucking classes and working on our oyster farm in Phippsburg. I am truly fascinated with every part of growing a business in aquaculture from marketing and branding to oysters and seaweed, and hope to soon have a sea farm myself. The entrepreneurial and environmental motivations behind this work are so fulfilling for me and working alongside farmers to shape t


Portland, ME
I found my way to Maine Oyster Company through working on an oyster shell recycling program with the State of Maine where I helped collect buckets of oyster shells from participating restaurants around Portland, one restaurant being MOC. After learning of the company’s vision and mission, I was in. My career path has taken me sailing along the coast of New England, trekking through the forest and along coastlines with classes of elementary schoolers, all the while working in different restaurants learning what my favorite dishes and drinks are. Working for Maine Oyster Company has allowed me to blend my passion for food, drink and the environment into a job I love and care about in an industry that I am so excited to watch grow and flourish. I hope to help MOC and the oyster farming industry make the earth and its people a healthier and happier place!


"Creator of Fun"
With a background in event planning and production and a strong love for my home state of Maine, a position at Maine Oyster Company, building community through food and sustainable practices is a dream job for me! I’ve been interested in events and food since I was a child and have been working on and off in the food and beverage industry for 14 years. I believe in the power of a meal and its role in building and maintaining community. I’m thrilled to be able to highlight all of my passions while supporting the oyster industry in New England.


"Farm Guru"
Growing up on the coast of Maine, I have always had a love for the ocean. After graduating high school I moved to Colorado to be a ski bum. Six years later, I decided it was time to move back to the beautiful coast of Maine. I quickly found a love for the sustainable industry that is oyster farming. Working on the ocean is a dream for a lot of people. I am so fortunate that I get to experience that everyday. After a few years of learning the farming process, I discovered The Maine Oyster Company and loved the concept of building a local oyster community. Helping this industry grow is just as rewarding as watching millimeter oyster seed grow into delicious, slurpable oysters for all to enjoy!