A Rising Wind Raises All Shells

Partners, Members of & Collabs w/

Our mission is built around unifying institution & enterprise through marine research & innovative business models.


A co-creator of the journey focused on building community & awareness for the oyster & marine worlds.
A research partner we will be sending water samples to for gene mapping of the ocean!
A network of 200 plus Maine Island forming an trail from NH border to Canada!
The Oyster Trail of Maine.. time to build an East Coast one!
A creator of the journey & fishing guide/guru of Maine
Boat broker whom we worked with to acquire Rising Wind
We are a business sponsor & hope to incorporate some cool collabs in the future!
Previous caretaker of the Rising Wind with plans to have cadets aboard in the future
A collaboration of municipality, institution & company for oyster shellfish reef restoration & education in Maine.
A business partner & incubator for innovation on the ocean