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Nonesuch Oysters

Region: Southern Maine
Farmers: Abigail & Team
Grow Method: Bottom Planted
Farmers Description
A fantastic balance of brine & sweetness with hints of olive & earthy minerality

Free range and bottom grown in the nutrient rich estuarial waters at the mouth of the Nonesuch River in Scarborough Maine these oysters are full bodied, meaty and offer a great balance of brine, sweetness and minerality.  

 The founder, the heart and the sole of this top notch operation is Abigail Carroll,  a self proclaimed "Accidental Oyster Farmer!" Shifting gears from a life of France & finance to farm living & fun Abigail and her team are producing a world class product in a fun loving, fantastic and phenomenal way. 

Nonesuch Oyster Farm Location

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