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Free range and bottom grown in the nutrient rich, estuarial waters of the Nonesuch River in Scarborough Maine, these oysters are full bodied, meaty and offer a great balance of brine, sweetness and minerality. Located within a nature conservancy, their grow location in the Southern Maine Region boasts a Grade A water classification due to its "outstanding natural resource waters." 

The founder, the heart and the soul of this top notch operation, is Abigail Carroll, a self proclaimed "Accidental Oyster Farmer!" Shifting gears from a life of France & finance to farm living & fun, Abigail and her team are producing a world class product with love and a palpable enthusiasm.  

The farm produces two varieties of oysters: Abigail's Pearls and Nonesuch Emeralds. Nonesuch Emeralds are the classic bottom grown oyster, colored a distinct emerald green due to the nutrient rich river bed. Abigail's Pearls, the newer oyster variety produced by Nonesuch Oysters, are grown in gear right off the river bed's surface, resulting in a stunning "pearly white" oyster.  

Nonesuch Oysters is a young, award-winning, boutique oyster farm with a mission  to produce one of Maine’s best oysters and to have a positive impact on the local community.  Watch them on the news here
These fresh Maine Oysters can be shipped overnight anywhere in the country in one of our many products

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