About Eros

Family owned and operated, Eros Oyster offers a complex taste profile due to receiving a wide variety of nutrients from a nearby saltwater marsh combined with the cool incoming tidal ocean waters. Surface cage grown its entire life, this oyster is clean, crisp & refreshing. 

Operations are spearheaded by the father/son duo of Mike & Mark, both previously merchant seamen who wanted to work together on the water. Their farm is nestled in Robinhood Cove on the island of Georgetown, originally named by the Abenaki tribe "Eros ca hagen." Eros, coincidentally the Greek god of Passion, watches over these oysters and ensures that they live up to their god given aphrodisiac qualities!

  • Size Small
  • Method Floating Cage
  • Salinity Moderate
  • Sweetness Moderate
  • Texture Soft
  • Tastes Salty, Smooth, Clean,
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