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Mark and Mike

Eros Oysters

Grow Site: Mid Coast

Taste: Briny w/ a sweet finish

Eros is the Greek god of passionate love!   

Eros Oyster, located in Mid Coastal Maine, is a family owned, family operated salt water Maine oyster farm on Georgetown Island, Maine. Our oysters are surface cage grown in Robinhood Cove, a long narrow inlet which splits our island nearly in half and laps at the shore of the Gaffney family homestead.

 Our proximity to the nutrients of the salt water marsh at the bottom of the cove and distance from the ocean outlet at the top provides for a sweet/salt flavor mix that definitely favors the sweet side. Although our water is very cold year-round, salinity level, speed of current, and protected water limits ice and wave build-up allowing us to harvest throughout the winter – rare for Maine oyster farms

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