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The Mid-Coast Maine oyster scene is home to the world famous Damariscotta Region. The Western most point of the region is marked by Cape Small, jutting out at the mouth of the New Meadows River. The Eastern most point is marked by the Damariscotta Region itself, which has been labeled its very own region due to its fame and density of oyster farms. 

Like in the New Meadows Region, many of the oysters in this region receive a fantastic dose of freshwater minerals intermixed with the strong brine of a twice daily exposure to the Atlantic ocean waters! As this region is not as protected as the New Meadows, oysters grown in this region tend to be slightly more briny and salty, due to the direct exposure of open ocean waters. 

The Mid-Coast Region is one of love, and is home to Eros Oysters from Georgetown, Aphrodite Oysters from South Thomaston, and Weskeag Oysters from well...the Weskeag river! Enjoy Mid-Coast Oysters shipped overnight in a variety of our products; they are always fresh, straight from the farm, and cultivated with dedication and love!