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"Family owned and operated, every Eros Oyster is fed an additional diet of love and passion."
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Meet Mark and Mike

About Eros Oysters

Eros is the Greek god of passionate love!   

Eros Oyster, located in Mid-Coast Region, is a family owned, family operated salt water Maine Oyster farm on Georgetown Island, ME. The oysters are surface cage grown in Robinhood Cove, a long narrow inlet which splits our island nearly in half.

Mike and Mark Gaffney, a father son duo, are the primary operators of the farm. Previously deep-sea merchant seamen and boat builders, the duo has always been connected to the sea. They built this business so that they could work together on the water close to home and family – all of whom help on the farm.

The farm's proximity to the nutrients of the salt water marsh at the bottom of the cove and distance from the ocean outlet at the top provides a sweet/salt flavor mix that definitely favors the sweet side. Although the water is very cold year-round, salinity level, speed of current, and protected water limits ice build-up, allowing us to harvest throughout the winter – a rare advantage for Maine Oyster farms.

Because their lease is literally feet from the family's dock, Eros Oysters are never stored in shoreside coolers, but rather harvested the morning delivery. Always fresh, and harvested from Maine waters the morning of shipping, Eros Oysters can be loved nationwide in a variety of our products

Family owned and operated, offers a complex taste profile due to receiving a wide variety of nutrients from a nearby saltwater marsh combined with the cool incoming tidal ocean waters. Surface cage grown its entire life, this oyster is clean, crisp & refreshing. 

Operations are spearheaded by the father/son duo of Mike & Mark, both previously merchant seamen who wanted to work together on the water. Their farm is nestled in Robinhood Cove on the island of Georgetown, originally named by the Abenaki tribe "Eros ca hagen." Eros, coincidentally the Greek god of Passion, watches over these oysters and ensures that they live up to their god given aphrodisiac qualities!

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We just ate them all! Literally, perfect. The package, the presentation, the product. Awesome!

Jacob Greenwood ,

They arrived early Saturday morning, right on time! They were delicious and it was a great Birthday surprise for my dad!

Kitty ,

Thank you! They were amazing. And we appreciate the “heavy pour” and new shucking knife - which I really liked using. Appreciate you sending them off-cycle. We were loving the club - but now more so than every.

Jim ,

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