Aphrodite Oysters

"Get creative with oysters! Our oysters are briny, clean, meaty, and sweet! The flavor profile of our oysters is so incredible because they have been brined for 3 years in the frigid ocean, where our farm is located."
  • Region Mid-Coast
  • Grower Krista
  • Size Medium
  • Method Bottom Cage
  • Salinity Moderate
  • Sweetness Moderate
  • Texture Silky
  • Tastes Salty, Smooth, Earthy, Clean, Buttery,

“The name Aphrodite comes from the Greek Goddess, which stands for love and beauty. I thought this name was very suitable for my oysters because of my love and passion for the beautiful coast of Maine.” 

Aphrodite Oysters is operated by Krista Tripp, a true born and raised Mainer, evident in the massive impact the ocean and the coast has had on her life. Owner of a family lobstering business, Krista started Aphrodite Oysters as a means of diversifying her income, given the environmental threats imposed upon the Maine lobster industry as a whole. 

What started as a savvy business move, however, blossomed into a passion that bolsters the aquaculture economy, cleanses the coastal ecosystem, and supports women owned and operated businesses. 

Located in the Weskeag River in the Mid-Coast Region, Krista's oysters are grown in the crisp, clean, cold waters of the Penobscot Bay. 

Hand harvested and washed, every Aphrodite Oyster is unique

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