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About Aphrodite Oyster Farmers

“The name Aphrodite comes from the Greek Goddess, which stands for love and beauty. I thought this name was very suitable for my oysters because of my love and passion for the beautiful coast of Maine.” 

Aphrodite Oysters is operated by Krista Tripp, a true born and raised Mainer, evident in the massive impact the ocean and the coast has had on her life. Owner of a family lobstering business, Krista started Aphrodite Oysters as a means of diversifying her income, given the environmental threats imposed upon the Maine lobster industry as a whole. 

What started as a savvy business move, however, blossomed into a passion that bolsters the aquaculture economy, cleanses the coastal ecosystem, and supports women owned and operated businesses. 

Located in the Weskeag River in the Mid-Coast Region, Krista's oysters are grown in the crisp, clean, cold waters of the Penobscot Bay. 

Hand harvested and washed, every Aphrodite Oyster is unique

Get creative with oysters! Our oysters are briny, clean, meaty, and sweet! The flavor profile of our oysters is so incredible because they have been brined for 3 years in the frigid ocean, where our farm is located.

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