Flying Point Oysters

Grower: Eric & Valy
Method: Medium
Size: Medium
Salinity: Moderate
Size: Medium
Sweetness: Moderate
Texture: Silky

With a strong desire to create their own enterprise combined with wanting to work together on the water the dynamic husband/wife team of Eric & Valy have been growing oysters for almost 20 years in Freeport, Maine. Their oysters begin their  Casco Bay journey in upwellers within the estuarial waters at the mouth of the Royal River! The oysters are then planted on hard packed mud flats to finish their grow out! The end product is a robust, full bodied and delicious oyster with a great balance of stronger brine and lasting sweetness! A great cup size combined with a green colored, hardy and bold shell make for a unique and wonderful oyster specimen!

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