About Cape Smalls

Cape Small is a bold and rocky point delineating the easternmost point in Casco Bay and marking the start of Mid Coastal Maine. Tucked into Small Point Harbor just off Hermit’s Island these sweet and tiny little oysters receive twice daily a healthy dose of fresh phytoplankton to munch on with each and every rising tide! 

 Cape Small Farm was started by John and his mom in 2016. Currently this boutique farm produces very little (under 20,000 oysters/year), but has plans to produce more into the  future. Surface cage grown & utilizing hand sorting and shaking techniques  these oysters are characterized by a nicely cupped shell and a crisp, clean finish.

  • Size Small
  • Method Floating Bag
  • Salinity Moderate
  • Sweetness High
  • Texture Soft
  • Tastes Clean, Crisp, Fruity,
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