Snow Island Oysters

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About Snow Island Oyster Farmers

Snow Island Oysters is an endeavour of the Quahog Bay Conservancy (QCB), an organization dedicated to protecting the ecological integrity of Quahog Bay. Established in 2014 by Patrick and Mary Scanlan, the QBC has since been doing everything in its power to restore Quahog Bay back to the ecological powerhouse it was in the 1960’s. Now, the organization uses Snow Island Oysters as a sustainable revenue stream to fund its programs, and has since partnered with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute to promote the use of small- scale aquaculture to fund environmental protection programs. By slurping Snow Island Oysters, from Casco Bay you are truly helping save our beloved ocean.

Enjoy Snow Island Oysters delivered overnight in a variety of our products - always shipped fresh and farm to slurp certified. 

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