Recompense Cove Oysters

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Oysters remain FRESH for 10 days refrigerated

About Recompense Cove Oyster Farmers

Maine Ocean Farms was founded in 2017 by 3 friends, all USCG licensed Captains, who worked together at sea prior to becoming oyster farmers. 

Looking for a way to continue working on the water without having to leave Maine we formed Maine Ocean Farms allowing us to grow food that positively impacts the quality of the waters we call home, provides the opportunity to engage with and educate our community about aquaculture and marine ecology, and provides local food for our many amazing Maine restaurants and neighbors. 

We are committed to growing delicious oysters resourcefully and responsibly with the ambition to build on Maine’s reputation for growing some of the best oysters on the East Coast. Our farm is located in Recompense Cove, Freeport, Maine (which is a part of the Casco Bay Region) with much of the adjacent shoreline in conservation, lots of tidal flushing, minimal boat traffic, and exposure to wind and waves. 

These elements provide all the right ingredients that give our oysters their unique aesthetic and delicious flavor! 

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