Little Busters Oysters

Little Busters Oyster Shell

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Oysters remain FRESH for 10 days refrigerated

About Little Busters Oyster Farmers

Little Busters are grown in the cold waters near Flying Point in Casco Bay. The unique water profile at the confluence of the Gulf of Maine, the Harraseeket River and the Little River, as well as a seasonal farm cycle from surface to ocean bed, give Little Busters a full-bodied, briny flavor with a delicate sweet finish.

Dirigo Marine Resources was founded by Greg Foote, a true man of the ocean through and through. A graduate of the Maine Maritime Academy and former marine engineer, Greg started Dirigo Marine Resources as the start of a new chapter of life in aquaculture. Greg is joined by Tristan Spinksi, a Tristan Spinski, who grew up along the mid Atlantic coast and spends all of his spare time in and on the water, joined the team in the summer of 2017. Together they farm Little Busters oysters.

Little Buster Oysters produced by Dirigo Marine Resources can be shipped fresh overnight anywhere in the US in a variety of our products

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