Chebeague Island Oysters

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About Chebeague Island Oyster Farmers

Flourishing in the heart of Casco Bay in the cold, crisp waters off of Chebeague Island this oyster bursts with flavor, sweetness and brine. Tray grown in the sub tidal region, Chebeaque Island oysters survive out of the water twice daily resulting in one mighty strong bi-valve. Every oyster gets tumbled twice per year, resulting in a deeper cup and a stronger shell.

A team of four partners, Bob, David, Hank and Caitlin, all of whom live on the island, have equally strong passion for the ocean, the environment, and helping the Maine economy. Their mission is to create jobs, create community and bring a world class product to market.  Strike up a conversation with any of them and you will understand what living our state motto, "Maine...The Way Life Should Be!" truly means.

Support Chebeague Island Oysters and their initiative by having their Fresh Maine Oysters delivered directly to your door. Always fresh, always straight from the farm, and always supporting local economy, these oysters give a little taste of the Maine lifestyle.

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