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Cooler, knife & gloves $33
Travel Cooler Bag $20
Shucking Knive $15
Shucking Gloves $12

Live Locally? Email us for pick up orders at 38 Portland Street in Portland, ME

**All our Maine oysters for sale are shipped overnight. We hand wash and hand pack each oyster to ensure the highest quality product available. Learn more in the "Farm to Slurp Certified" tab below.

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Farm to Slurp Certified

Farm to Slurp Certified

Step 1: Direct From the Oyster Farm

We receive all of our oysters directly from the farmers themselves. We either pick them up at their farm or the farmer theselves hand delivers them to our shipping facility.

Step 2

We visually inspect and re-wash every oyser to ensure the highest quality product before we send it out.

Step 3

We package our oysters in a custom fitted styrofoam container along with frozen gel packs. This contianer is then placed inside a standard packaging box

Step 4

We hand deliver our packages to the shipper where they are shipped overnight direct to your doorstep