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Getchells Ledge Oysters

Region: New Meadows
Farmers: Randy Hamilton
Grow Method: Floating Cage
Farmers Description
Briny w/ a sweet finish

I have been harvesting clams, quahogs and mussels since the 1950's as a teenage with my my older brothers up and down the New Meadows River. We decided to pursue oyster farming after a downturn in clam stocks due to an increase in green crabs in 2012. We received our first LPA in 2015 for a spot on Getchells Ledge, a rocky outcrop in the New Meadows just south of our location. The Getchells were early settlers of this area and owned a large tract along the river. This is a family enterprise with the labor pool consisting of myself, wife Elizabeth, son-in-law Greg and daughter Bridie, and sons John and Taylor. We hope to grow slowly and provide a quality oyster.

Getchells Ledge Oyster Farm Location

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