About Eider Cove

I started Eider Cove Oyster Farm in May of 2014.  I had been looking for ways to make our 200 year old salt water farm sufficiently productive so that we could continue to keep it in the family. The farm has always depended, in part, on the river for food, travel and income. I grew up here and moved back in 1993. The river has been an important part of my life since childhood. Most of my income in school came from digging quahogs and various 4-H projects. I have lobstered with my neighbor for years.

 Eider Cove Oyster farm is situated at the base of a 75 foot ridge comprised of granite ledge and boulders, imbedded with quartz and tourmaline and covered with Norway and white pine trees. The ridge is part of a salt water farm dating back to the seventeen hundreds where a variety of crops and livestock have been raised for most of its existence. Several thousand feet of stone walls traverse the property. Middens of clam and quahog shells give evidence of the farm’s relationship with the river. Prior residents included a sea captain, boat builders and fishermen. Several are buried in the small cemetery on the property.

  • Size Large
  • Method Floating Bag
  • Salinity Moderate
  • Sweetness Low
  • Texture Chewy
  • Tastes
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