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Meet Brian Harvey

Powerfully briny with a rich, chowder finish

Located north in the cold waters of Goose Cove near Mount Desert Island in the Down East Region, these oysters are truly stupendous with their slow growth time allowing for complex, high salinity tastes to develop! MDI Oysters start their grow process in floating bag, a grow method that allows for high growth rate with easy access to the Maine waters. Once a certain size, these Maine Oysters are then bottom planted in large netted bags. Finally, when the oysters are market size, the real fun begins! 

The mudflats where MDI oysters are bottom planted are only accessible at the most extreme tides of the month and year. Thus, when the time of the year for harvest comes, its all hands on deck! With only a few short hours to harvest hundreds of thousands of oysters, the crew works tirelessly into the night so that they can get this truly special product to market! 

Mount Desert Island Oysters is owned and operated by Brian Harvey. His delicious oysters can be shipped overnight anywhere in the country in a variety of our online oyster products!

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