Holiday Ho Ho Ho

The Boom Shuck-a-Lucka v2.5

Greetings all from The MOC Pole North,  our shucking & shipping oyster workshop on the coast of Maine! 

It’s hard to know where to begin after a 6 month newsletter hiatus so here we go. 

Somewhat by design,  but mostly due to nonstop building & creating it just did not feel quite right to send a mass email.  Perhaps it is because our intent is not to grow huge, it is to grow right &  best actions generally come from purposeful intent & thankfully the  MOC holiday spirit has shifted the bivalve winds.

So whats is our plan?  

In 2021, we will do our best to bring to life 3, individually unique, yet complentary powerful locations or as we call them nodes of connectivity

  • A dynamic & innovativel virtual web home
  • MOC Headquarters 2.0 in Portand A sneak peak coming on the 12th day of Xmas :)
  • A world renown retreat & santuary known as Basecamp

How & Why?

  • This all started because of oyster farming and the coast of Maine thus it remains strongly for & with an oyster farming/aquacuture community unlike any in the world
  • Created & led by a core team  thus far of epic proportion...Alex, Emily, Henry, John, Libby, Nick, Meg, Missy & Quilla
  • Within the communities & alongside the friends and family that give us purpose & a sense of place.

Papa Shuck sincerely thanks you all.

However, things can change quickly and as we work to stay humble & stay focused on a business model built around "A Rising Tide Raises All Shells" mentality we hope you all are truly ready to rock, rumble & roll as without you there is no MOC.

Happy slurping, happy savoring, Merry Xmas HO HO HO, get ready to GO GO GOOOOOOO!!

The Boom Shuck a Lucka Newsletter is back and we hope on the right track.

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The MOC Pole

Oyster Workshop on the Coast of Maine

Letters to Santa

We are currently accepting letters to mail direct overnight mail to the real North Pole on Dec 23rd..simply leave in the mailbox out front.
47 Wallace Circle, Phippsburg, ME
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The Maine Oyster Olympics

Oct 2020 - 1st Annual

A day of competition, camaraderie, good times &  good friends!  We gathered, we shucked, we sipped & we slurped.
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Meet the Oyster Bag

With each order of a Maine oyster bag you will be donating $15 to go towards the needs of the Preble Street Resource Center.....and quite frankly the bags are also just really cool.