The Boom Shuck-a-Lucka - Bivalve Bowl Blowout - v3.1

Greetings team Maine Oyster awesomeness!  Happy snowy greetings from Basecamp on the coast of Maine.  Having recently been highlighted in the local papers The Portland Press & The Times Record, it is because of the community we are building.  Order your Super Bowl oysters before the start of Bivalve Bowl I,  game for a chance to win a few extra if you #picktherightteam!  Will it be the might Mid Coast & powerful Damariscotta River or will the upstart Casco Bay / New Meadows River and their 12 person newly formed coop take the show!  Tune in Tuesday, Feb 2nd @ 6:00 aka tonight on our @maineoystercompany story feed for the live action and/or listen to the commentary below from @lady_oyster & local favorite @thebrinybabe!

The Prevalve Shell Reports

Bivalve Bowl I

May the Best Shell Win
On Tuesday, Feb 2nd @ 6:00, in front of millions of half shucked half shells an epic battle ensued between Damariscotta/Mid Coast and  Casco Bay/New Meadows. Think #budbowl for oysters!