Learn How to

Shuck an oyster, throw a Maine lobster bake & more
Ever have wanted to learn how to throw a Maine Lobster Bake extravaganza?   Or perhaps how to simply shuck an oyster?  What about how to even start an oyster farm!  A steady burn as we call it.. we hope to gradually add new videos built around sharing our what we like to call "MOC Life", our best interpretation of living our state Motto of "The Way Life Should be".  Thanks for stopping by!
Shuck an oyster like a pro
Make a traditional Maine lobster roll from scratch!
Learn how to throw a lobster bake like a pro
We started our oyster farming endeavors about 5 years ago! Oyster farming is all about trial and error and collaborative community efforts.  This video represents the early version off how to make an oyster bag, we have improved some techniques.. subscribe to our youtube channel to be alerted when we get them online if interested and above all enjoy.