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13 Oyster Variety Set
 "Slurp Your Sorrows" or "Celebrate Your Shucks" post election whilst enjoying  13 DIFFERENT Maine oyster farms symbolically representing the 13  original colonies!

Product Includes

  • 13 Maine Oyster varieties - 3 different sizes  
    • 26 oysters - 2 from each farm
    • 52 oysters - 4 from each farm
    • 104 oysters - 8 from each farm
  • Hand painted American Flag oyster shell by Maine renown artist Jillian Herrigel
  • Specialty Maine Maple Blueberry Mignonette by chef Todd
  • Custom Coastal Maine map to chart/view your different farmers/oysters

Creating relationships & sourcing oysters from 30+ farms enables us to share  a wide range of different types of farms and farmers with you!
From Casco Bay & the New Meadows River through the famous Damariscotta River Region and Downeast....we look forward to slurping with you!

Interactive Online & Printed Map

Track your slurps & learn about your farmers #myslurps!

Meet the real heroes

Artist & Chef
Jilly is a little camera shy but she would love to show you her studio located @ Basecamp in Phippsburg Maine. She is there most days when not walking Taylor.
He thinks pretty highly of himself, but he can because his mignonettes are out of this world!

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Enjoy fresh Maine oysters from 13 different farms!  Perhaps the largest ever multi variety oyster pack around.  "Celebrate your Sorrow" or "Slurp your Shucks" enjoying  2, 4, or 8 oysters from 13 local Maine farms along with a custom hand painted American Flag Oyster shell & more!

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What the Slurpers are saying!

I can say THIS is the Breakfast of Champions! My oysters arrived in great condition and icy cold. I had to slurp a few down as soon as they got here, but I have saved the rest for later. A lot of people talk about liking "salty-sweet" treats. Usually, they mean chocolate-covered pretzels or something like that. But if you ask me, fresh oysters on the half-shell are the real salty-sweet treat! As a guy who has grown up in and around the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, I was always taugh

Doug Alexandria, VA