Maine Oysters By Region

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Damariscotta River
Where it all began & home to Pemaquids, Moondancers & more!
New Meadows River
A hot new boutique oyster river on the Eastern Side of Casco Bay
Casco Bay
Home to every shape, size and delicious oyster you can imagine!

Taste of Maine

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Damariscotta River
From Damariscotta with Love. Where it all began in mid coast Maine!
Casco Bay
With 365 islands within its watershed Casco Bay is is teaming with oysters, aquaculture and more! 
New Meadows River
Growing boutique & beautiful Maine oysters, this is a hot new region you will not want to miss trying!

Our Farming Community

We work with over 25+ Maine oyster farmers to deliver a hyper fresh, traceable oyster. By knowing personally and then working alongside the farmers themselves we can ship out our oysters knowing they have were created and crafted to the highest standards in the world!