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Meet Mark, Lane, Emmett, Hillevi

About Wolfe Neck Oysters

Basket Island oysters got its start with 10,000 small oyster seeds in 2012. Mark Green, whom holds a PhD in Oceanography was inspired to start a farm after researching the impact of ocean acidification on small bivalves and then realizing the important role shellfish aquaculture can have on helping clean up the environment and reduce ocean acidification!  An operation that has grown to 4 with Lane, Emmett and Hillevi these oysters, cage grown and tumbled in the cool refreshing waters of Casco Bay offer a mature, well developed taste profile with a deep cup shape.

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We just ate them all! Literally, perfect. The package, the presentation, the product. Awesome!

Jacob Greenwood ,

Thank you! They were amazing. And we appreciate the “heavy pour” and new shucking knife - which I really liked using. Appreciate you sending them off-cycle. We were loving the club - but now more so than every.

Jim ,

The oysters arrived on time and were devoured by my wife and myself in one sitting! It was great having 3 different selections to experience!

Frank , South Caro

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