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Hand picked from the Damariscotta River these oysters are the closest one can get to sharing the same  taste experience our ancestors enjoyed for hundreds of years.  Almost all oysters on any menu in the world today are farm raised using sustainable growing techniques thus coming across wilds is a rare find.

With more variety in shape, size and taste these oysters are are found all over the Damariscotta River bed floor and range in age from a couple years to 4+.

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Thank you! They were amazing. And we appreciate the “heavy pour” and new shucking knife - which I really liked using. Appreciate you sending them off-cycle. We were loving the club - but now more so than every.

Jim ,

You’re my new addiction ... tastier than shoes ... although I keep ordering those as well lol

Kimberly Millis, MA

The oysters arrived on time and were devoured by my wife and myself in one sitting! It was great having 3 different selections to experience!

Frank , South Caro

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