Mill Cove Oysters

New Meadows
Mill Cove Oyster Shell

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Oysters remain FRESH for 10 days refrigerated

About Mill Cove Oyster Farmers

Mill Cove Oyster Farm is located in a small cove of an uninhabited island of the New Meadows River. Cold, salty, pristine, swift and nutrient-rich, the waters of Mill Cove Oyster Farm make the ideal location for growing a salty, crisp and sweet oyster.Mill Cove specializes in surface bag grown
oysters in small batches. The physical location of the farm has a long southern fetch, capitalizing on the dominant summer
winds to create a naturally tumbled oyster with a truly interesting shell growth. 

Mill Cove Oysters is run by Eric and Christy, along with their son Finn. They hope that their farm will be a part of a sustainable and restorative fishery, keeping the New Meadows pristine for generations to come.

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