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About Johns River Oyster Farmers

Dave and his crew at John's River Oysters utilize a variety of growing methods including cages, floating bags, rafts, hand picking and even scuba diving on both the Johns & Damariscotta Rivers to produce a world class oyster.   

Dave's oysters start in floating bags in the calm, briny waters of the Upper Damariscotta. They are then moved to the John's River where they are planted on the river bed and grown free range until maturity.  The blending of the two rivers nutrients combined with multiple different growing methods for each oyster result in a hardy bi-valve with a complex taste profile that is sweet, creamy and briny!

The operation at John's River Oysters is one of the most systematic and efficient in the state. The farm utilizes enough technology to allow them to produce high volume, while maintaining the tradition and hands-on production that makes the Maine Oyster so unique. 

You can enjoy the fruits of Dave and his team shipped overnight anywhere in the US in a variety of our products. You can be certain his oysters are fresh, directly from the farm, and packaged with love and care - its the boom-shucka-lucka way! 

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