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About Dingley Cove Oyster Farmers

For Peter, a born and raised Mainer, the ocean has always been a source of pleasure and income: lobstering with friends as a teenager, working on a crab boat in Prince William Sound, or just sailing the coast of Maine with family. Aquaculture has been a simmering interest of his for years, but until recently other worthy obligations (professional and family) have kept him from getting serious about it. 

That changed a few years back when an abundance of European oysters showed up at his family's place on Hopkins Island. Ever since childhood he had snorkeled around the shores but had never seen such number of oysters. Great right? Well, not really. According to Peter, author Rowan Jacobsen describes the oyster's flavor best - "Hazelnuts and anchovies fired in seal fat, with a squishy crunch like jellyfish salad... memorable and intense but not [an experience] you'd want every day." So, the question then became would the much more palatable Eastern Oyster also thrive here? Inspired, he did a little research and discovered Dana Morse at the Darling Marine Center. Dana, whose work includes helping new shellfish producers get started, affirmed that his location in the New Meadows River would indeed be just right for growing the American Oyster.

Always fresh and directly from the farm, Peter's oysters can be shipped overnight directly to your door in a variety of our products including: The Taste of Maine Kit, a Variety Pack, in the New Meadows collection, or in bulk.  

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