Cora Cressy Oysters

Cora Cressy Oyster Shell

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About Cora Cressy Oyster Farmers

Named after the 237 ft 5 masted sailing schooner "Cora Cressy" that now rests her bulwarks permanently a stones throw from this oysters farm beds  in the wonderful mid coastal Maine town of Bremen. 

Sweet, moderate sized, well developed oyster, the Cora Cressy, like her namesake offers a bold, briny flavor complemented by a sweet finish.   

Grown by Boe & his hard working team at Community Shellfish, like many enterpreise in our industry they do so much more than just grow oysters! They work alongside & in tandem with the local lobstermen helping to distribute Maine seafood of all types throughout the country whilst creating a strong, locally & community focused business.  

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