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About Basket Island Oyster Farmers

Bottom grown in the cold, clean & crisp waters of Casco Bay these medium sized bivalves are salty, sweet and delicious!  Beginning their lives in bottom cages these oysters are then spread onto the tidal flats of Broad Cove for their final grow out.  Lower water temps combined with regular tumbling in their 1st year of life create a well cupped & well fluted oyster shell profile.  

The Basket Island Oyster Company got its start in 2012 with just 10,000 baby oyster seeds.   Founder Mark Green, whom holds a PhD in Oceanography, was researching the impact of ocean acidification on small bivalves.  Upon discovering the important role shellfish farming can have with reducing acidification he was inspired to start a farm & help!

An operation that has now grown to 4 members strong, including Lane, Emmett and Hillevi, Basket Island is an innovator & leader in our industry. 

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