Maine Slurp Madness

Become crowned the fastest slurper in Maine!

8 top slurpers will compete for top slurper in Maine this coming October at a venue/date TBD.

2 have already qualified.. see video to the right! 3 more events will be held over the coming months with the 2nd event slated for Sat, June 8th at our joint Maine Beer Company event in Freeport!

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Scenes from heat #1. Congrats Karen and Justin!!

The Rules

  • 24 oysters of 2 different varieties will be pre-shucked onto a plate for each participant.
  • On the judges commoand of "GO SLURP" participants must eat all 24 oysters however they choose: individual shell slurping, hand grabbing the meat, pie-eating style, etc
  • When finished the participant will raise their hands in the air
  • A 3 judge panel will inspect the plate to ensure all meats have been consumed
  • All meats must stay down the contestants belly or they will be disqualified
  • If any meat, other than minor left over abductor muscle, is left on the plate the participant will be disqualified
  • The top 2 fastest participants will move on to the finals
  • Entrance fee is $39 and includes oysters for the finals if they make it
  • If a participant does not qualify in a given event they may re-enter a future qualifying event by paying the entrance fee again.
  • If there are more than 8 participants at a given qualifying event.. heats of 8 will be run with the aggregated 1st and 2nd best times from all heats taken
  • Participants acknowledge the shuckers will do their best to ensure all bottom abductor foot muscles are severed but inevitably a few may not be fully.

Qualifying Event Schedule