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The Dameracotta Norumbega oysters you sent yesterday were a "hit outada park" from the guests at my end of the summer seafood party. Many comments such as "these oysters are on a whole new plateau" and of course the ever popular "these are the best oysters I've ever had" And from me; Beautifully packed, arrived in perfect condition and were cold, ontime and most of all as a longtime slurpping oystermaine-iac divinely delicious.

Alexandre H. ,

You guys are so awesome to email! The oysters were the biggest hit. My parents both shucked oysters for the first time and my dad got a blow torch from the garage and did some trick with parmesan cheese that he saw on the intranet! They are too funny. My dad was talking all about the oysters at his office and everyone wants the info about how to order them. You guys really made my Mom's Mother's Day so great.

Hannah St. Louis, MO

Yep, we ate them all!

Bobby Abbeville, LA

Round 2 as was fantastic!! The oysters were perfect and were the easiest oysters we’ve ever shucked. We truly cannot wait to visit your farm!

Kimberly Tucson, AZ

Hello, John and company: The oysters arrived on time for a shucking amazing weekend of slurping!  Thank you!While we love all the different oysters we have met so far, we do especially like the Love Point--but also really enjoyed the Whiskey Stones!  They were more complex than the John's River, with a sweet and creamy finish after the initial salinity.What can make for a better weekend than delicious fresh oysters and some nice New Zealand sauvignon blanc?  (Well, being back East again....)I'll

John Bay City, MI

No issues at all - we loved the oysters and appreciated the fast delivery! We look forward to buying from you guys again in the future.

Kathryn Cayce, SC

Thanks for the special add on! So looking forward to digging in! We love the product, the process of ordering and delivery and your personable attentiveness! Look forwarding to visiting at some point...

Lee Delmar, NY

I can say THIS is the Breakfast of Champions! My oysters arrived in great condition and icy cold. I had to slurp a few down as soon as they got here, but I have saved the rest for later. A lot of people talk about liking "salty-sweet" treats. Usually, they mean chocolate-covered pretzels or something like that. But if you ask me, fresh oysters on the half-shell are the real salty-sweet treat! As a guy who has grown up in and around the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, I was always taugh

Doug Alexandria, VA

Boom Shuck-a-Lucka Club Member #17 discusses his Basecamp experience of shucking oysters, visiting the farm and grillin' a few bivalves!

Chris & Maria Chester County, PA

They were awesome. We could not have been happier. My 80 year old father is planning on having oysters at all family get togethers in the non-Covid-19 future. Ice packs were good and would have lasted a bit longer (maybe a 3rd ice-pack when sending south in the Summer??

Cary Cedar Park, Texas

The Madeline Points are wonderful! We’re used to John’s River and other Damariscotta area oysters but now have a new favorite. Pick up is easy and your folks great to deal with. I had only been on your website on my phone and was shocked to see the full version. I’ve sent the link to out of state friends who enjoy oysters

Gene , ME

Oysters were fantastic...our little oyster fest could not have gone better. It went so well, we’re planning another for next weekend! Could we reach out in the next few days to put together a 25 x 4 sampler?

Elija Atlanta, GA

Oysters were great, they were a great Father’s Day gift. Next time will have to order more. Found you guys on google, searched for “oysters from Maine”. NJ is great but water is getting a little warm here for good oysters.

David Stone Harbor, NJ

The oysters were delicious and fresh. Our guests said they were the freshest oysters they’d ever eaten.

Danielle , ME

Y'all made it super easy to order. So I've ordered from y'all about a month ago, and my husband ordered the ones we had Friday for our one year wedding anniversary. Everything has been spot on. We love trying new oysters we haven't had before and we love reading the cards with the tasting profiles. And we are enjoying indulging in some caviar, too. It's been a fun and delicious at-home activity!

Jess Nashville, TN

We just ate them all! Literally, perfect. The package, the presentation, the product. Awesome!

Jacob Greenwood ,

They arrived early Saturday morning, right on time! They were delicious and it was a great Birthday surprise for my dad!

Kitty ,

Thank you! They were amazing. And we appreciate the “heavy pour” and new shucking knife - which I really liked using. Appreciate you sending them off-cycle. We were loving the club - but now more so than every.

Jim ,

You’re my new addiction ... tastier than shoes ... although I keep ordering those as well lol

Kimberly Millis, MA

The oysters arrived on time and were devoured by my wife and myself in one sitting! It was great having 3 different selections to experience!

Frank , South Caro

Got ‘em!! Transaction was smooth and Customer service was top notch!! Can’t wait to shuck and slurp

Natalie , New York

The oysters arrived on time and were devoured by my wife and myself in one sitting! It was great having 3 different selections to experience! When we were in your restaurant we had the opportunity to experience 5 different selections. We have had the good fortune to eat oysters from all over the world in our travels and like good wines each oyster has their own individual uniqueness derived by the environment they were cultivated from; how they were grown the soil or water; and most important of

Beverly & Frank , South Caro

They were amazing and the new shucking knife - which I really liked using. Appreciate you sending them off-cycle.vvWe were loving the club - but now more so than every. Stay healthy and kind.

Jim, Club Member , Vermont

My son said the oysters are great. I think they ate 1/2 the sack last night. Thanks

Doug Boulder, CO

Great experience. I had some delivered to the Keys to share with friends. The southern oysters are ok but these oysters are the best.

Patrick Key Largo, FL

We gave the “Taste the Coast” oysters as a gift to relatives who live in Virginia. It was a hit. They said the oysters were delicious and the shipping process was very easy.

Lisa Williamsburg, VA

I received 200 oysters, 50 from 4 different farms, for a Christmas party and they were absolutely fabulous. Our guests raved and finished them very quickly. Fresh and well packed. Arrived on time. The price was fair. Not a bad one among them. I wouldn’t hesitate to order again

Bruce Yardley, PA