12 Lobster Rolls

"She's A Keepah"

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Jumbo size me please. Enjoy 2 lbs of fresh,  hand picked Maine lobster along with everything you need to create your own very own traditional Maine Lobster roll fest including:

- 12 hot dog rolls & bags of chips
- 6 traditional red serving containers
- 1 lemon & 2 ramekin of Chef Todd's lemon/dill/mayo
- "How To" instructional sheet & video link

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Oysters on a Plate
12 Oysters
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24 Oysters
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Received a gift of oysters today from Michael & Beth shipped by you. Need to let you know they were fantastic and arrived fresh and beautiful. Made us anxious to return to Maine for many more of them. Great service and super fresh oysters. Tom & Sandy

Thomas Leland, NC