Why We Do What We Do?

At times much easier to know than others for sure, but in this moment for me I really do know!


Mysef, alongside a team of wonderful individuals, is supporting & being supported by a community of farmers, Mainers, friends & family, collaborators & competitors as we continue to  work to create something that shows  the sum of many is greater than one.


With a unifying love of the Maine Oyster, our state & for a way of life we are building something of possiby significant proportion yet mainting the critical component of connection to each other, our environment & ourselves.


Meet Marlow "Creator of the Brinestone"
As I watched this video of Marlow, creator of the Brinestone Oyster, last night I was reminded of how unique, incredible & special each individual relationship & story is.


Time is often in short supply, but if you want to learn about oysters, our way of life & here from a genuine Maine farmer I encourage you to listen to the video or the shorter clip below.

You can also, if so moved,  reach out to Marlow directly @ brinestoneoysters@gmail.com


So today is the official launch of our 12 Days of Maine Oyster, a media, marketing & MAXIMUM Maine Oyster holiday campaign to share, shuck & sell... well the Maine Oyster!  :)


HOLD ON TO YOUR SHUCKING KNIVES folks and if time does permit  please take a look at "The Oyster Raw Bar Kit", an oyster bar in a box from Maine! :) 

We will attempt, in this  1st version  to bring the oyster bar into your home in the best experiential & connected way that we know how at this point.

Oh la la!
Interactive Map Included
Maximum farmer variety direct
We will teach you how to plate
Glamour Shot!!
Pack em up

Ship em Out

Each box thoughtfully packaged
Be Careful!
Not a Love Glove
Yup...Larry the Lobster likes to shuck


The Boom Shuck a Lucka Battle Cry by Marlow