When & Where do Journeys Begin?

Posted: Sep 25, 2020 by John

Ours from my perspective for "The Maine Oyster Company does have a defined moment in time. Yet for a company built around a concious melding of work & play. Co-worker/friend/family our collective journey like life itself has no 1 moment of clarity, more so influence and energetic and also defined moments, like the day papa Rodgy, went under contract to purchase "The Store", out of foreclosure,  whilst Jordi (Merrit Island oysters) and myself found out whilst on a run in Bermuda returning from our 6 month sailing trip.

But for The Maine Oyster Company in the most granular sense it was a seemingly random email from a close friend Ben, wondering if perhaps he could investigate utilizing the lower level of The Store @ Basecamp, where I currently type this 1st draft of the 1st "Journey" entry from.  And dare I say it was not about oysters, it was about seaweed! 

For a company built around the vision of "Creating & Building a sustainable community" I find it quite fitting that Ben and I grew close having co-directed and co-lived r in the not too distant past a community focused summer camp for children that we both grew up going to and perhaps not always conciously but sub conciously learning about community & continutinty built around a common shared love of something.

The Maine Oyster Company is undoubtly about this, our object of affection the oyster for sure, but on a large scale it is about a love of Maine, a love of the ocean & a love of sharing, experiencing and helping shape all 3, respecting & honoring the past, acting in the present as best we can to ensure its future.