Welcome To #MOCLife

Posted: Nov 14, 2020 by John

Its 2249 on Monday night, November 30th.  The wind is howling, marine forecast screenshotted here

NOAA...love it
, the power is out and shall we say the 1st official post of #MOCLife 2.0 is of a computer monitor, a towel catching drips of rain,  an empty diet coke bottle & a sweet old light.  The generator is humming in the background, about 65,000 Mainers are currently out of power, but MOC system central aka Basecamp is alive and well! 

Why mention all this, why start with a post like this?  Creating something special is the goal whilst remaining to sharing our reality, what started as perhaps my reality yet has not turned into multiple team members realities and perhaps now is on the prescipce of a reality of epic perhaps proportions.  

Its not about size, its not about recognition, although with both great postive change can be evinced, its about being humbly awesome. Caring sincerely yet not care free and full of personal passion & excuberence.  What's the point?  To have fun, to share, to energize and be energized, to find purpose, to leverage our personal skill sets for both our own gain, but more rewardingly the gain of others.

Its go go go MOC BOOM BOOM BOOM time and even though this section of the site is not really done, will not be pretty at times as we build it out, it will be real and it will be us!

So this is a list of posts to come.. the links have been disabled for now as they are at varying degrees of completion, but should you come back again its important to know the primary thrust, at least at this point anyways is MAINE mother awesome oysters and all the incredible components that go along with them.. most importantly community, but also the ocean, Maines "Way Life Should Be" mentality, Coastal Maine, Portland Maine, #MaineSeafood, #MaineLobster and so much more.

Coming Slurpfully Soon

Maine Oyster Olympics
Epic Damariscotta River Trip