Living Your Vision

What does that mean? Posted: Dec 14, 2020 by John

A feeling of purpose,  of excitement, intensity & at times a very healthy does of anxiety. As we continue to grow, scale, morph as a company I personally continue to do the same, most likely accelerated by the current state of the world with the pandemic & in this moment of the holiday fever, emotionally amplified to a high degree.  How do you share, what is the purpose of sharing ,why even bother? 

Over recent runs with my sister and close friend Jordi these questions have come up a bit, intertwined with the day to day convo. The journey is the destination and there is no right way, but there are ways that are better than others for an individual in a given moment in their life experience I do believe. 

For me, for MOC, our community & company, we are in thick of it and will continue to do our best to grow, share and be a guiding light for our industry as best we can. 

Tonight, like most nights I am deep in the code as #moclife comes to life.  What is MOC Life?  It is an unfolding experiment 15 years in the making to create a digital headquartesr to share & experience a blend of physical & virtual, work, play & life. 

The virtual comes from the physical.. here are 3 great physical experiences of late from the MOC world.



200I mean, can it get any more awesome!

200The Maine Oyster Olympics