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Oyster Farms in Southern Maine

Swarming with tourists in the Summer Months, the Southern Maine Region, stretching from Cape Neddick to Portland, is the sandiest coastline of Maine. Tucked away from the breadth of the Atlantic Swell, the Southern Maine Region boasts extremely rich marshlands and and river estuaries. These waters provide a unique balance of sweetness and brine, and Nonesuch Oysters is very aware of this, dominating the region with the two varieties of free range and bottom grown product. Headed by Abigail Carroll, Nonesuch has stamped their oyster's color and seagrass-hinted flavor as a nationwide stable. Indeed, their product has traveled nationwide, notably being present at both the Grand Central Oyster Bar and James Beard House in New York City. 

Just North, in Cape Elizabeth, the world renowned Portland Head Light casts its beam over Pine Point's Cold water conditioned oysters. Owned and operated by Nate Perry, a former musician and hailing from a long line of lobster-man, Pine Point takes advantage of the diverse ecological environment. Unlike many other farmers, Nate starts the growth process of his oysters in the Scarborough River, and finishes them off in the open waters off Cape Elizabeth. The result? An extremely unique taste profile that must be experienced first hand.

Enjoy Southern Maine Oysters shipped directly to your door in a variety of our product offerings. Always fresh and straight from the farm, these Maine Oysters are guaranteed to give you a little taste of Southern Maine.