Iron Island Oysters

"Briny, sweet & full bodied" Meet Dana & John
Grower: Dana & John
Method: Medium
Size: Medium
Salinity: Low
Size: Medium
Sweetness: Moderate
Texture: Soft
Tastes: Meaty, Salty,

Since 2014, Nice Oyster Co. off Woodward Point in the New Meadows has been producing Iron Island Oysters. The Company is the brain child of an extraordinary duo, brought together by a love for the sea. Dana, a member of the Marine Extension Team at UMaine’s Darling Marine Center, is a passionate promoter of marine agriculture outreach and education. He is an instructor in a program where experienced oyster farmers teach novices the basics of the practice, functioning very much like “a community garden,” according to Dana. John, a retired engineer, was a member of the program’s second ever class and quickly fell in love with the community, noting the camaraderie; “there’s always someone to clean your bags for you.”

Iron Island Oysters can be enjoyed in the New Meadows Collection, featured in a Taste of Maine Kit, or bought in bulk. Shipped overnight directly to your doorstep, Iron Island Oysters can bring you a taste of the ideal Maine vacation, one which Dana and John "unintentionally enjoy everyday." 

Oyster Farming: the chance to apply and expand our knowledge and skills toward problem solving

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