About Iron Island

Since 2014, Nice Oyster Co. off Woodward Point in the New Meadows. has been producing Iron Island Oysters. The Company is the brain child of an extraordi- nary duo, brought together by a love for the sea. Dana, a member of the Marine Extension Team at UMaine’s Darling Marine Center, is a passionate promoter of marine agriculture outreach and education. He is an instructor in a program where experienced oyster farmers teach novices the basics of the practice, functioning very much like “a community garden,” according to Dana. John, a retired engineer, was a member of the program’s second ever class and quickly fell in love with the community, noting the camaraderie; “there’s always someone to clean your bags for you.”

  • Size Medium
  • Method Bottom Cage
  • Salinity Low
  • Sweetness Moderate
  • Texture Soft
  • Tastes Gritty, Meaty, Salty,
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